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The International Association of Estate Agents UK, have just signed an agreement with over 1122 Top Property Portals and Associations world wide linked to the IREA – AII International Real Estate Alliance and Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional.
The benefit of this agreement is that all the properties you list using our property listing service, will list your properties on to all the 1122 Property Portals.
Sell properties in United Kingdom

Sell properties in United Kingdom

We currently have over 250 000 daily visits adding all the visitors that enter our 1122 International real estate portals.

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What to consider when buying a real estate

Investing in real estate is a big decision. Buying real estate is considered as an investment for the future. One has to intelligently and practically take this decision as the investment involved is huge. There are several factors that need to be considered when buying real estate. All these factors affect buying decisions in one way or the other.

The first thing that needs to be thought about is the housing needs of a person. It has to be decided on how much space does a person want, the type of area that a person wants to live in i.e. whether the person is interested in living in a busy area or in a quiet place. Also the person has to see whether he or she can afford living in the area decided.

Another consideration that has to be made is whether the person is interested in renting a place or purchasing a new house. Both these options need to be compared. The advantage of renting is that it requires much less maintenance costs. However, there might be restrictions on decorations and also if a higher rent is demanded, it has to be paid. The greatest advantage of your own home is that it is an investment for the future. The maintenance costs are high and the owner is responsible for the keeping of the property.

Traveling ease and the availability of recreational areas is also an important factor that helps one to decide as to where to buy property.

The most important consideration is the price of the property to be purchased. One has to be able to afford the property before buying it. If enough funds are not available, loans can be received from lending institutions to complete the amount. A person’s credit history is taken into account before the lending institution lends a particular loan amount.

To buy real estate, you can start by doing simple research. A person can talk to friends and relatives to find a new property. A person can also drive through and visit areas where he or she is interested in buying a property. Newspaper advertisements are a good way to look for properties that might suit your requirements. Another way is to talk to people who live in and around the area to inquire about available properties. This will also make one familiar with the neighborhood. Searching the internet is another good way of locating the potential properties.

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Property for Sale article, posted on the International Association of Estate Agents UK

Selling a property is an art and needs skills. It is one of the biggest and most important decisions one can make. It has so many stages to go through, from selling at the right price, right time, even finding the right buyer, which goes beyond the expectation.

There are two main ways of selling a home

For Sale by Owner: Here the owner has to make all the important decisions from advertising up to the closing stages. The owner himself or herself is the estate agent in this case. The other way is selling through an Estate Agent; over here the real estate agent looks after the property, from advertising till the closing stages. They perform to provide the best services that are required by the home sellers, which gives a relaxation to the owners selling the property. The agents arranged for selling the property, looks after the home, showcasing the home to the buyers and looking after all the documentations that its necessary.

The properties are brought into the attention of the interested buyers by means of advertising either in Newspapers, televisions, internet or with the traditional signs in the home yard.

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